What is your babysitter doing when you’re not there? One Woman Crime Wave examines the limits of what money can buy, and how easily the fragile web of middle-class privilege can be torn. 
“A fantastic novel about fractured families, class and the politics of parenting. Beautifully written and very moving.”  Liz Nugent
“Pacy, furious and a great deal of fun.” C.E. Riley
“Bee Rowlatt writes with great beauty and insight.” Anita Anand
“What Bee manages to achieve in terms of character depth in such a slim novel is quite remarkable.”  Laura Pearson
“One Woman Crime Wave is a riptide of a ride! A vivid invitation to ponder questions of privilege, inequality, and familial love.”  Jean Hegland
“Bee Rowlatt’s witty and smart coming of age novel artfully examines the complexities of class and privilege through a sharp and contemporary lens.”  Tahmima Anam 
“A witty and heart-rending  read that masterfully blends humour with poignant social commentary, and entertains as much as it enlightens. I couldn’t put this book down.” Maha Khan Phillips
“Rowlatt’s deft tragicomedy of middle-class bad manners is as unnerving as it is irresistibly entertaining.” Rachel Holmes
“If you’re looking for a novel that is sad and funny and vicious and vivid, this is the book for you.” Catherine Mayer
“Humorous and fast-paced. I was hooked!” Lijia Zhang