In Search Of Mary (Alma Books 2015) 

Winner: National Reading Group ‘Real Life Read’ 2016 BUY IT HERE

Amartya Sen: “A terrific book – quite unlike anything else I have read. It is an amusing, enlightening and thoroughly contemporary way of understanding the ideas of perhaps the most underestimated thinker of the eighteenth century.”

The Independent: “A Biography of the Year”


A Vindication Of The Rights Of Woman (1792)
& A Vindication Of The Rights Of Men (1790)
by Mary Wollstonecraft BUY IT HERE

Introduction by Bee Rowlatt
(Renard Press 2022)


With May Witwit: Talking About Jane Austen in Baghdad
(Penguin 2010) BUY IT HERE 

Dramatised on Radio 4, translated into Chinese, Portuguese and Italian

Kirsty Wark: “This is a wonderful story of a slow-burning deepening friendship between two intelligent compassionate and funny women across a huge divide”

Metro: “a subtle evocation of a blossoming friendship that transcends culture, war and geography”

Telegraph “A fascinating portrayal of post-invasion Iraq”

Irish Times: “Rowlatt makes a decision that plenty of journalists would have bypassed.. to save one life in the face of being unable to save the many.”


Fifty Shades of Feminism
edited by Lisa Appignanesi, Susie Orbach and Rachel Holmes
(Virago 2013)

Evening Standard: “Brilliant, inspiring, and still going strong”

New Statesman “Angry and warm and witty and wise”